Monday, January 31, 2011

You will never believe this!

Ok first Mom came over and cut my nails which wasn't very much fun so I made my special growl for her. She says that someday I will learn not to bite the hand that feeds me...whatever that means.


There is a wolf that is hanging around my house, even the neighbourhood cats saw it. At first I thought that it was just the OP Pack coming for a visit and maybe to pull me on the sled with all this snow. But then I saw its big eyes, big ears, big paws and big teeth, so I ran inside to make sure thay my Grandma was still my Grandma.

Grandma told Mom all about it and Mom was very worried about me being outside. Now Grandma is trying to keep me inside but it is just soo boring.


  1. You listen to Grandma and Mom and stay inside. Those wolves are not friendly to kittehs, even scrappy ones like you. I am sure you can find entertainment.


  2. OMC you MUST stay inside!!!!! Is that the wolf that you saw? That is a very,very scary wolf....I hope the other kitties run away and have homes!

  3. You HAVE to stay in! No arguments!
    It is exciting to spot a wolf, but not for a little kitty.

  4. We are all very good about getting our nails cut. Actually, #1 covers us in kisses as she does it so that helps a lot!

    A WOLF? THat is very exciting but do be very careful, Blair!

    The Chans

  5. Bwhahahaha...OMD, was it still your grandma or was hers in da bed purtending to be sick? Uh I just said pur-tending. See what you kittehs are doin' to me?

    PS: Stay inside young lady!

  6. I don't like it when my mom cuts my nails either she usually saves it for when I am sound asleep. A wolf how exciting it reminds me of my aunts at my grandma's house! Stay safe.

    Paw prints,


  7. Blair! Go play in the tub and stay away from that wolf that is outside or you will be inside him! Ann

  8. A wolf???? Sorry it wasn't really us, we would have loved to play out in the snow with you. We had a fox in our yard last summer, but no wolves around here.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Please stay inside...a wolf that is just too scary.

    Madi and Mom

  10. Wow, Blair - a Wolf!! That IS exciting! But I think your humans are right - I've heard that those wolves will hunt & eat anything! And I think a little kitty cat like you would just look very tasty! :-(

    Just check out the excitement from the window!

    Honey the Great Dane