Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tricks for Treats

My Mommy is sometimes very hard to train, SHE likes to make me do tricks for treats.

No not trick or treating!

But isn't that sitting nicely, begging, etc just for dogs?

Apparently not in the world my mother lives in, I wish I could film her digging out the treats,

Taking them all out ONE BY ONE

(sheesh Mother hurry up I could do it fast myself)

And then saying sit Blair

Come on Blair, look at what Mommy has

Come on Mom, how many angles do you need?

You know Mom, this is taking way to long just to get one little stinking treat.

I'm going to get the OTHER BAG out of the cuboard!


  1. Gosh, that is kind of uncatlike, don't you think? Of course Cheetos are fantastic foodables.

    Hey Blair! Check out my blog because I announced Mango Minster 2011 and you might want to enter the kitteh category.


  2. haaaaaaa!! smart move!!!! I prefer cheetos too!!

  3. You will have to sneak a few! That's what I have to do!

  4. Blair, you were way too patient! My sneaky kitties would have turned their back immediately, feigned disinterest and then scarfed down the cheetos whilst we were busy sleeping or some such nonsense. Now, if my grandkitty Darcy would have been here... heh, heh. Who knows... Hope you enter Mango Minster as you are definitely a contender! See even Mango says so! Ann, TBL and cat-victim.