Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whoops did I write peemail? I meant to eeeeeeemail. My Mom got me my very own eeeeemail today, because she doesn't want to share hers all the time with me. AND this way I can post my eeeeemail on my blog for all of you to know so that you may send me sweet nothings to read all day!

I am so excited to share my eeeeemail address with you all, I can now be reached at:

drum roll please


  1. heh heh...we sorta like the peeeeeemail!
    We leave that occasionally around here...

  2. That's a great news! Email is very important for bloggers like you.
    Kenneth Copeland

  3. Hehehehe...dats like me saying puuurfect nows! Lawd, help us.
    I has to share mum's email addy...sigh.
    You so lucky to haves your very own.


  4. Blair, you obviously have your mom very well trained to get you your own email. Surely a Facebook account is next and then....THE WORLD! Ann TBL

  5. It's very important to have one's very own address. Congrats!