Friday, January 28, 2011


I would like you to meet my furiends Monte and Holly with their human brother little Cohen.

They all belong to my Mom's best friend who loves to read blogs whenever Mom visits her. We are trying to convince her to let them have their own blog. Monte does have facebook and an email address so he is off to a good start. Cohen is doing very well, if you remember he was born three weeks early and had to be fed by feeding tube. He is now double his birth weight feeding great. Monte and Holly love their new baby brother and all his cool toys.

Monte is one strange guy, he has his own facebook account and he is always on playing games. I think he is addicted to farmville and frontierville. This is why Mom says that I can have my own blog and my own email but no facebook. Monte also likes to help his Mom and my Mom do homework. He is quite the scholar, our Moms were so impressed with his hard work.

Until he decided that to afford school he would become an X-Rated Film Star!


  1. Uh MOnte is a kitteh...did you knows dat? Dis whole time thought YOU was part dog and part kitteh...bwhahahahaha...kiddin.
    Anyways, da babe is precious! My Girls was 6 weeks early so mum knows all bouts dat. It's very difficult! But so well worth it all.


  2. Good to hear that little Cohen is doing so well and that he has some tough kittehs to protect him. Blair it's a good thing your mom forbids FB for you otherwise you would become addicted to worddrop like me. Ann

  3. Blair,

    Such wunderful news dat Cohen is doin' so much better! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae