Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Mango Minster Post

This is my official entry post for this year's Mango Minster 2011. To start with my qualifications, I have my very own blog, I am writing a post, AND I Blair Cat allow Mango and his Mango Momma to use my pictures. Ok now that the legal stuff is over......

I am going to enter myself into the Kitteh CATegory and here is why I Blair should win.

I can survive through hamster attacks

(yes I did type that correctly, I was just looking when it launched itself at me)

I enjoy playing in the tub

(that is until Mom puts me under water and SHE comes out looking like a cutter)

I have my very own toy box and cat tent

(yes I have THAT many toys)

My Mom makes me do tricks for my treats

(She makes me do crazy things)

When I meow my Grandma lets me outside or inside or gives me milk or gives me treats

(Her training is going well)

I let my Mom play cat-fishing with me


Finally I like to ignore my Mom when she is all like Blair come snuggle me and I don't want to. I enjoy meditating in the sun on Grandma's chair. I enjoy catching flies and chase them all over the place so I can eat them. I ask my Mom for all the cool toys on TV but my favourite is the toilet paper rolls or the kleenex boxes. I enjoy getting up on the counters to see what kind of foodables might be left up there for me to enjoy. And yes I do go to the bathroom in the litter box, unless it is dirty, then I leave it on the floor for Mom.

I also am able to give really good dirty looks, ruin pictures by walking away, and I have a special growl for my Mom when she is being annoying.

I hope that I qualify for the Kitteh CATegory and that I am kitteh enough otherwise just switch my entry to the DIVA/BAD SPORT sections.


  1. I thinks you is really a dog Blair! Kittehs ain't suppose to likes water or haves dat many toys.
    But...OMD, ain't toilet paper da best evers. So much fun to unroll it and unroll it and unroll it!


  2. Oh boy! I think you totally qualify. Excellent entry.


  3. Well, you are definitely a kitty, but your entry proves you are also a kitteh! The extra "eh" is for catitude, and you have that in spades. We aren't allowed to have cats [Abby has this REALLY strong prey drive thingie], but mama has had cats so she knows just what to look for and you checked off all the boxes: independent, demanding, fastidious, and just right for snuggling. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  4. Hi Blair, we just got the cat-fishing game for Christmas and are teaching the humans how to play it properly.

  5. Hey Blair! That is a great series of photos! Bet of luck with the contest. It's really fun to see all the entries!


  6. Blair just that last shot of you "giving the look" should guarantee your win! I didn't believe you about the hamster debaucle when you commented on my blog, but now that I can see evidence I believe you and how brave you are. You also have taught your humans well, but you forgot to mention how you go to other blogs and encourage young kittehs (such as my grandkitty Darcy) to misbehave and manipulate their humans. I think she has learned to work the computer and has read such comments and Blair, they are working.... Ann