Monday, January 3, 2011

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Now let me clear some things up for you all, I do like dogs but sometimes they need to understand who indeed is the boss.....ME. Hence the reason my dishes get to be high and their's low like when Bullit stayed with Mom and me at school. It isn't fair to eat all of your food and then try to eat all of mine.

They also need to have manners during playtime, I do enjoy a good game of Mom throw the toy and me take it not back to her but somewhere else. However when a dog tries to play they completely run you over with their giant paws, like Bijou who stayed with Mom and I.

This week Sophie is staying with Grandma and I.....I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. She eats my food, but doesn't have giant paws and she carries around this interesting toy that squeaks somehow.

She does like to steal Grandma's lap on me though and I try to share but I'm soo not into it. Grandma says she looks like a crazy lady with me on one knee and Sophie on the other. And both of us trying to get up when she has her laptop on her lap. Laptops are such a pain.


  1. You should hide that squeaky toy then run and get the whole lap!

  2. Nows you knows I is a dog so I don't knows if I should comment...hehehehe! I wouldn't mind eatin my food on a counter or a table.


  3. we have the kitchen babygated and feed our Cody there so that Cody's Sheltie brother (Dakota) can't get his food :)

  4. Our cats eat up above the dogs too, Blair. Sometimes one of them will sneak up there and steal it! Bad dog! Like that picture on your sideboard of you in the tub! Ann

  5. Aw, poor Blair. I hope that you would like me because we have similar furs and I think outlooks on life as well. Of course wanting to avoid food stealing cracker dogs is understandable.


  6. There are no kitties in our lives so we aren't sure what to make of all of this. Wonder what a post like this would sound like from a pup's point of view:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara