Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please Help Me

I was just minding my own business snuggling in my chair(ok maybe I was standing on the counter) when Grandma came home from shopping today and pulled out THESE HORRIBLE THINGS:

Then she told me that she was calling Mom to come over and cut my nails.

Whatever will I do?!?!

Miss Ann I think I will take you up on your Florida offer, infact I am googling flights right now!


  1. uh-oh...gotta admit...those look pretty darned awful!

  2. Ooh, we don't like the looks of that!

  3. Oh no hers din't? Hoomans are just so weird bouts' our nails.
    Mum gave me clippers fur my birthday?!?!?!


  4. Come here Blair, come here! Miss Darcy will put you up in her college apartment with The Maven! You can meet her brother, Meeko, fall in love and live here forever. Ann P.S. I am alerting Miss D and The M to your tragic circumstances, but they are in the middle of, dare I utter it, spaying! Miss D is wearing a cone! Is that better or worse than having your nails clipped? Ann