Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mango Minster Prize and other things

As you all know I managed to convince my Mother to put up a prize for the Mango Minster kitteh catergory. Now I was browsing at my local pet store when I saw these beautiful collars, and said Mom these are the most amazing collar's a pet could have. You can get them in all kinds of colours and even put charms on them!

Of course then my Mom said "Oh Blair these would be a perfect prize for Mango Minster". Needless to say she didn't buy one for me...ugh. But we are offering one collar for the first place kitteh decorated with some of these really cool charms.

We pondered about how many charms we should offer and decided that 3 would be our number and that the winner could pick any three charms and colour of collar. At this point Mom asked for the website and found out that...gasp....these were part of a DOG DESIGNER COLLECTION. I panicked for a little bit wondering if my kitty friends would be okay with wearing dog gear but Mom said that I have worn dog stuff lots and never minded so the thinks that it will be fine with them too.

So here is website where we will be buying the prize , feel free to browse and maybe your parents will actually let you buy stuff for you.


  1. Blair I think you have made an excellent choice! At our house dog and kitten stuff is interchangeable. My grandkitteh just started her blog and I suggested to her and her mom to look at yours. Ann

  2. My mom tried to get me to wear a collar but I was way to interest in the bell. It looked like a fun toy to me but maybe when I am older I will be able to wear a collar to please my mom.

    Paw Prints,
    Miss Darcy

  3. Hey, that is cool! I will check this out! Maybe Ozabella would like one....