Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pets

Blair: Well folks my mother is officially crazy!

She bought home this after her weekend at home:

Which looks somewhat like this:

We used to have one those until I kept trying to let it out to play, a good game of cat and hamster.

Mom says that the thing is a dog (really?), and that she is a family pet just like me, but she has to live with me for the week cause Mom's other house is having renovations which stresses her out. DOESN'T SHE CARE THAT I GET STRESSED OUT TOO??

Anyways the cat she bought home last week is turning out to be a pretty cool guy, he likes toys and napping and food. I think he can stay, and be my new friend...better then all those dogs Mom brings home.

Xoxo Blair

Blair's Mom: Blair is right that I did bring another pet hom but this one belongs to my Mother and gets upset when people are in her house making noise. So while renovations are being done at home this week. Sophie the yorkie will be living with us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

Blair: Well my mother did it again, bringing another animal into MY home. First it was dogs, and now another cat! Now this cat brought ALL his things into my house and then played with my Mom. I am not very impressed right now at all. I keep telling this guy that he can't go in my Mom's room, he can't go in the living room, he can't go in the roommate's rooms, etc......but he keeps doing it. It's driving me crazy!

Then he planned some huge drama for this morning......

First he pushed the screen part way out of the window, then he found a really good hiding spot, and waited for Mom and me to wakeup. Mom made some yummy wet food for breakfast and when she opened the door the wake him up, she couldn't find him. Then she saw the partly pushed out screen and thought he had escaped outside! (I do have to admit this is a pretty good plan, but poor Mom) Mom ran outside and began calling and calling for him, and he didn't come out of hiding. She came back inside and checked the room again, then back outside, even my roommate came to help. Mom and the roommate decided to check the room one more time before calling his real Mom to tell her the bad news, when I spotted him. he had came out of his really really good hiding spot to sneak into Mom's room.

My Mom was so happy, but said he was one bad bad kitty cat. I agree with her, he is even badder then me. I don't think she should keep bringing home animals that need homes, it is way too much drama!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feels Like 40!

Blair: Wow you wouldn't believe how hot it is where I live, yesterday all I could do was laze around and sleep. It's do hot to be bad, or play with toys or snuggle with Mom. I did try to help her take the wallpaper off the walls but it was too hot so I laid down and just watched Mom do it. Although this morning I was able to meow lots to try to wake her up, but I think she is getting too used to my morning wake up calls, maybe tomorrow I will try morning wakeup crashes! Also Mom says we have a new friend coming tonight, apparently we met last week, if its that same kitty I'm not too sure how I feel about this, he was a big chicken!

Blair's Mom: Hey everyone Blair is right it is super hot here, I am enjoying the fact that it is too hot for Blair to be up to all her bad ways. King my new foster kitty comes tonight, I'm sure he and Blair will be best friends in no time at all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being Blair

Blair: Hey its me here, my mom finally let me use the computer. She always hogs it and won't let me sleep on it but notice that I included a lovely picture of me sleeping on her roommates computer on the table hahaha. I'm not allllwwways bad but being bad is tons of fun.

My favourite bad things to do are:
- jump on the table
- bite and scratch Mom and her friends
- leave my toys all over apartment
- clean myself while snuggling
- destroy garbage
- drag and claw the toilet paper from the bathroom to the living room
- open bags of blair food from the bottom
- I love talking especially early in the morning

Wow thats alot of bad things and just my most favourites.


Well last night Mom came home from visiting her home, she always does that and she leaves me with her roommates, sometimes they are fun but last night one told Mom on me.

All I was doing was trying to get a better view of the houses behind us, so I went into Mom's room climbed up on her nightable and into her window sill (it may have been the one that I'm never allowed up on) and while I was looking a bug flew into the window. Mom has made me the official bug catcher and while I was trying to catch this dang bug, Mom's purfumes, and jewlery box fell on the floor. My Mom wouldn't have been impressed, and luckily her roommate wasn't around when it happened. But she cleaned it up after and told Mom on me BUT she didn't include that I killed the bug and SHOULD get a kitty treat for it. Ugh!

Bad Blair

Blair's Mom: Blair is currently a 10m old kitten who is known for being bad. Anything a kitten could do bad she has done...climbing on the table, counter, eating people food, scratching the furniture, scratching the humans, climbing window screens, typing on computers, sleeping on computers the list goes on and on. I have started this blog for her hopefully to explain herself, and maybe to tell you all about her badness.