Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving Moving Moving and some meowing

Hey everyone, I'm back!

After months of hanging out with the roomies Mom came with her family to come and pick me up. It was sad leaving the roomies but Mom promised that I would like my new house. We travelled for what seemed like forevvvver and I tried telling her that I really needed to use the litterbox instead I pooped in the car...oopps.

When we made it to my Mom's house I got to sleep in the bathroom because it was too late to meet all the animals that live at her house. In the morning I yelled to tell her that I needed to snuggle her so she opened the door so that I could meet the cat-friendly dogs but they were pretty scary, so I mostly explored places that they couldn't see me. THEN (here is the really scary part) I was exploring the rest of the house since Mom and Uncle told me it was safe, BUT I went into one room and HOLY CATS there was a big black rodant hunting monster in there!!!!! I yelled for Mom and he jumped me, so Mom and the dogs came running in to get him away. I wasn't very impressed then so I stayed unter the bed and growled even when Mom came to say sorry she didn't know that he was hiding in that room.

After that I went to Grandma's house and Mom set up all my toys and my bed and my food and litterbox. I explored Grandma's house and found that the basement was nice and cool so I told Mom that living here would be just fine with me.

Grandma is pretty nice, she makes sure my litterbox is clean EVERYDAY (Mom only cleaned it every few days), and she lets me explore outside which I wasn't allowed to do when I lived with the roommates.

I will post again soon xoxo, Blair

ps. Blair's Mom here, she was certainly stretching her tail when she told you about the "big mean rodant hunter" who happens to be the resident cat at my house who was not expecting another cat to come into the room where he was sleeping. I think they scared each other and neither one was happy with me afterwards. Blair is loving being at Grandma's house, she gets to spend the day outside and play in the nice cool basement. She isn't too impressed when the grandkids visit and want to play though, they are still too loud and scary!