Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Wishes

Hi everyone,

I just can't believe that it is Christmas eve already! I hope everyone is waiting so patiently for Santa Claus to come tonight. I have been tracking Santa and know that he has already been to visit some of our friends. I hope that they have a great time opening their presents in the morning.

I have recieved so many cards in the mail and at my email and I would love to thank you for sending them, Mom has them on display at her house.

I am also happy to announce that Nelli from the Cat from Hell has given me the Liebster award, and Finn from Finn Howard has given me the Kreativ Blogger award. I will post more about those in the new year but thank you so very much.

I send warm wishes and hugs to The Pittie Pack from Kissa-bul who will be going through their first christmas without 5 members of their pack. I hope they know that Rainbow Bridge is kind to those called before their time. My thoughts are with them at this time. I am also amazed at how much blogville has organized to help them through this horrible time.

Best wishes to all my friends this year, I hope that Santa Claus treats you and your families well.

See you in the new year, with my resolutions!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Icky Licky Cards

I made Mom lick all the cards otherwise my tongue would have gotten sore so she licked about 70 of them before she realized that a paint brush and water would have done the trick. I apolgize if she drooled on your cards I think her tongue was stuck out after so many.

We did our best to make sure that everyone on the list recieved a card no matter how far away they lived. Although after Mom recieved the bill, we might be doing e-cards next year. We even sent some cards very very far away......all the way to the North Pole.

That's right we mailed my aunt and uncle's cards with their christmas lists. I don't believe they wrote anything about cat toys or treats on their lists for me though. Maybe if I blog my own list then Santa will know what to bring me for christmas......dreaming of toys and treats and MILK

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've been busy

Yes, yes I have been very busy lately

Ok maybe Mom has been very busy lately writing out seasons greetings cards for our card exchange. She thinks itis so neat to see where all the bloggers are from. Personally with all the cold wet weather we have been getting, I'm thinking of sending myself along with cards destined for the south.

Mom keeps telling me that maybe I should take over writing for a change but seeing as I have to share MY cards with all those other pests...opps I meant pets she has, then I don't think so.

Mom says our cards should hopefully be finished by this weekend and then mailed out to all of our friends and new friends. We recieved our very first card from Minnie and Mack it even included their picture and their blog info so that we could be friends. My goodness their Mom must be on the ball with their cards for sure. I will be making note of this for Mom's ratings. (failure to make cards faster)

Anyways we hope hope that you all had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed nickleback at the football game, they are canadian you know. We will be slowly commenting and blogging until Mom finishes cards and school. Thanks for understanding Mom's inability to do everything at once, sheesh she thinks she needs sleep or something.