Thursday, October 28, 2010


Blair's Mom here, I tried to get some new photos of Blair for you all but she hasn't been cooperating. I went to Grandma's house and there was a message for me from Blair saying she wasn't holding court today for me since I am not taking her to Disney World and my being gone will ruin her blog since she can't post for a week. Hopefully she will be back to her normal self when I get back .

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catch Up Time

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately but Mom had the flu and didn't feel like typing and then she has been super busy. I couldn't convince Grandma to type for me so I was left to record my adventures in hopes I would someday soon get them to you.

Thanksgiving: My Aunty Elizabeth came over with all the rest of my family but SHE got out my special bag of good kitty treats. We hid from Mom and she fed me lots and lots and lots and lots. She is my favourite aunty now, I think that she should visit Grandma and I more often.

Grandma's Weekend Away: Grandma left me in charge of the house while she went away for a weekend to look at cranberries and crafts. Who wants to look at those things NOT ME. I was going to have a party and invite all my girlfriends but that darn Grandma locked the door, I couldn't even get out. Let me tell you, I was not impressed with her when she got back. I wouldn't even let her pet me.

Internet: Grandma is getting highspeed internet so maybe I can post more often and of course order all kinds of online shopping. Woo hoo treats and toys all delivered to my door, normally I have to send Mom or Grandma out with my list.

Anyways I didn't miss too much of the blogworld while I was away.

xoxo Blair

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Xoxo Blair

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kitten Me

I was the cutest little kitten when my Mom brought me home and I thought I would share my cuteness with you all....

Well now arn't I just the cutest thing you ever did see? ok ok here is one more

Bahahaha, what? I'm still the cutest kitty ever.......My mom tells me all the time!

Wordless Wednesday

Flashback Friday

This is kitten me, arn't I cute looking stalking the mirror,

and this is the mirror now,

Sucessful Hunt

Sinful Sunday

Professional Kitty- do not attempt to do such things at home!

1. Meow loudly while Grandma is on the phone

2. Meow loudly while Grandma is sleeping

3. Meow loudly while Grandma is watching Young and the Restless

4. Cross street to meet with friends

5. Sniff microwave that contains Grandma's food

6. Walk on counter

7. Destory napkins located on microwave on counter

8. Harass Grandma for snuggles

9. Scratch carpet on the stairs

Now I'm a professional at being bad, Mom says it comes from being named after Blair from Gossip Girl but honestly who wants to be good, its way boring. But anyways I try to do at least 3 things on this list everyday although most of you couldn't do it.

My Mother and the flashy beasts

Just when I think my mother doesn't have her flashy beast with her, I find out she has one on her phone!

She followed me into my lair (ok the basement) at Grandma's house where I keep all my important things like my crate with my special pink blanky, my toy box (yeah thats right I have sooo many toys Mom got me a box for them), my tent (what you don't have a tent to play in...loser), and of course my pink dishes. AND SHE BROUGHT HER SISTER TOO.

But here is Mom and I

And here is my playing with Mom and my pink mouse (yeah I like pink)

Ohh and this is me playing with the sister

Xoxo Blair

Friday, October 1, 2010

Worst Day Ever

MY mother is now my enemy. SHE thought that I needed to be cleaned. Umm hello cats clean themselves and I do a very good job of it, I even clean behind my ears and wipe my face on the sofa (whoops don't tell about the sofa). But noooooo she didn't believe me,

And here I am in the tub trying to get the water away from my toes.

And look she even tried to give me bath toys so that I might enjoy it, not a chance, espcially when this happens afterwards,

Yes I am wrapped in a purple towel giving the death glare

For ruther reference Mother bathtime was not fun