Monday, August 1, 2011

Miserable Monday

Well I hate to inform you that my Mother is still swamped,

so this means barely any visiting this week too!

Someone should inform her that her attempts to work full time and complete fulltime school

at the same time are wreaking havoc with my blog.

It even cuts in on her visiting time with me!


Anyways moving on to more important information, we are still running my Beach Bum Contest,

but we haven't had very many entries.

So please get your humans to use their imaginations and their favourite flashy beasts in time for the contest closing this weekend August 6th!

Cats and Dogs allowed so tell all your friends

I hope to be still reading and maybe posting this week but we will not have time to comment


  1. No worries on my end, boy do I ever understand about being too busy to comment. Mine started with printer crap last Thursday which had me tied up all night. Then a wedding Friday night, which meant "beautifying" all day Friday, Saturday the entire day was spent helping my step daughter move...Sunday household chores, today, more computer crap and catching up w/my dog's blog. I feel awful that I haven't been visiting anyone since Thursday so no apologies needed here!
    Take care and don't work to hard, (yeah right, huh? lol)

  2. We nose dat tings do get hectic sometimes. Butt.....we understand. Hang in dere!

  3. OMC look at those CLAWS! We are impressed.
    We made Mommy take a note about your contest! She is lousy about doing stuff for us...*sigh*

  4. This school and work thing really takes away from spending time with Blair. I'm trying to round up some entries, but so far they are all party poopers! Ann