Monday, August 22, 2011

School's out for summer

Yeah yeah, I know you are all thinking but Blair summer is almost over. Well my Mom is finally over her crazy summer of school and work. She gets a three week break until she starts college again but at least then it shouldn't be so hectic!

Of course this means visiting and commenting on all your blogs again! I have missed being able to visit everyone and leave comments. Thank you all for commenting on my blog even when I haven't been able to comment on yours.

I have been missing everyone so much and maybe a combination of my diet food and summer that I have lost tons of weight. I'm no longer a fatty kitty anymore in fact I'm a skinny minny.

I should also clarify that it was Mom's email/ computer with the virus but we think we healed it without having to take it to the computer VET.

Speaking of VET, I should be having a visit soon. Mom says I need to be updated on my shots and maybe get a look over cause my eyes are a little runny plus I was sick to my tummy a couple times in the last few weeks which never happens to me. I'm not really a fan of going to the VET, somebody seems to think I fit into the teensy weensy puppy cage that I got when I was a kitten. We shall see this time!


  1. maybe mom forgot to feed you with everything going on. Hope your tummy is better
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hope your tummy is better and dat you has a nice visit wit da....VET....(yuk)

  3. Blair, I thought your silhouette looked a little slimmer, just thought you were wearing your summer coat! Good luck at the vet and yay to mom for her three weeks off! Ann TBL

  4. Well, we all can use a check up now and then. Plus I bet the vet will be super pleased with your new, slimmer self.