Friday, April 1, 2011

Naughty Kitty Lessons- Day Two

Welcome Back


Congrats you all passed the first lesson

For today's lesson we are going to concentrate on only two things;

  • picture taking

  • dashing

First when your parents dig out the flashy beast, or maybe they carry it around with them all the time hoping to catch you doing something amazing (sheesh everything we do is amazing), you should hide. If they can't find you, they can't post embarrassing photos of you. Or else you can turn your head just when they think they have the best shot, giving them your butt is another great trick.

Second which my Mom says I am the Queen of doing is dashing. Dashing is running to places where you shouldn't be, just in case you didn't know. You should always dash into rooms that always have the door closed, closets, especially out door which lead to dun...dun...dun OUTSIDE! Dashing always works best if you do it just as your parent is about to shut the door. Please do not worry about catching any of your body in the door just focus on getting through it.

Now then, this week I am assigning some homework. Please practice the lessosn and comment how well it is going. See you next week!


  1. We are good at Dashing. Picture taking, not so good. Daddy is SNEAKY! We'll work on avoiding the flashy-box this week.

  2. lol!! This was so funny! I don't "dash" cause my mommy still uses her cell phone for photos (she knows they are poor quality and still does it...dense woman!), and the cell phone doesn't flash! xoxo

  3. Okay -- I am NOT going to let Ozabella see this!

  4. BOL, My Lily is the best dasher in the west
    Benny & Lily

  5. Them is very good tips! I use to be terribles at having my foto made. I would go hide under da couch...I ain't bad any mores.
    Oh and I seems to always has pics. of my butt...hehehehe!


  6. My felines have become experts of "the last minute head jerk", therefore making each photo of them look like they are drunk, or that I was... Ann

  7. All Right.....very good lesson for today. Tink I needs to DASH right bout now!

  8. Oh Blair - you caught Muesli a bit too late with the 'picture-taking' training...she has always been brainwashed by my human that posing for photos is the most important skill in the world - ha! ha! No, but seriously, in our house, I think if we didn't learn to pose for photos, we would be kicked out...hee! hee! In fact, I was just planning to post some photos later today to show how good Muesli has become at posing - she is a real little poser!!!

    But DASHING now - ha! Don't worry - she's been practising that REALLY well! (She has even got various body parts caught in doorways, which was still good as it gave the humans a heart attack which was funny to watch...) - her latest is trying to Dash outside - this scares ME a bit when I'm trying to come INside at the same time!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane