Saturday, April 9, 2011

Naughty Kitty Lessons- Day Three

Welcome back to all my students

I hope you practiced all your homework because you will need to use for life!

I know I know I'm late with the lesson this week please feel free to blame my mother for hogging the computer and going into work early for "school stuff".

Therefore I will be quick and only go over one part for this lesson

It is really important to remember though;


No no not like really surfing, sheesh. Counter and table surfing can be defined as jumping up on the table and counter. At my house this is a strict Mom only rule...hee hee ok ok and maybe a minor guideline for pets. My personal belief is.....yes this is in my religion you know....that animals should be allowed where ever they please even on the table (especially if there is a cereal bowl with milk). Training your human to let you do this is great simple things like photoshoots on the table are a perfect place to start. Just let your human think that they are doing you a favour on special occasions and then suprise you just get up there all the time.

My cousin Bo (check him out on Mom's blog) is a great example. He helped his family undecorate the light above their kitchen table, who needs birthday decorations up there anyways!


  1. I wished my short wittle weenie legs would helps me get on da table...butt no luck so fars.

  2. No problem here. I will endeavor to snag something off the counter. No jumping required. Although I admit Pea is better at that skill than I am.


  3. we need to get up there
    Benny & Lily

  4. Thank goodness the black and whites have only table-surfed the cat feeding station ! Then they have fish breath. They are pikers compared to my Bumby aka queen of the dining room table and Miss Darcy, princess of all high flat off-limits surfaces. I believe we should all get an "A" Ann