Friday, April 29, 2011

Naughty Kitty Lesson- Day 6

We are almost at the end of our lessons,

I'm suprised that some of you have stuck with it this long

Now I may or may not be taking bribes to bump up marks if needed.

(I like temptations best)

Today's lesson is all about hissing and growling. Now your parents may tell you "don't bite the hand that feeds you" but I wouldn't listen to them, I never do. You should hiss or growl whenever your human picks you up or looks at you wrong. I personally enjoying growling at my Mom whenever she tries to snuggle me too long. I also like to hiss whenever other animals are over visiting, just so they know who is boss. I suggest that you hiss or growl at least once or twice a day so that your family understands not to cross you or else!


  1. Oh, we can do this one easy-peasy! Say, does whining count too? We are REALLY good at that.

    Johnny wants to add that he turned Mommy's finger into a sausage this week, he bit it HARD!

  2. Oh goodness, hissy and growling when cuddles go on too long?? Must be a cat, LOL!

    First comment, but I've been reading awhile! :)

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  3. I like this lesson very much because I've already been practicing hissing and growling fur years! I hiss and growl at my brudder, Henry, when he's sitting in MY seat which could be on an actual chair or on one of my humans. Very good lesson, my furend!
    Oh, thanks for the silly caption for today's SILLY SATURDAY PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST! You are silly, fur sure!

  4. Well, the one who was best at this is no longer here, but she really was the best at it! Stroking, petting, making nice noises to Susie and then, WHAM! HIIIISSSSSS and retreat. But Bumby is learning this technique (especially the part when visiting cats are here - read: her neice Miss Darcy) and I hope Miss Darcy never learns it because I love to hold and kiss her and if she hissed at me, I'd be sad :(. Admit it Blair, it is just something you all do to keep us guessing, isn't it? Ann

  5. Oh, I jus' don't tink I could ever hiss or growl. I is jus' too happee all da time.

  6. Ooh, Muesli would fail this class for sure!! She is such a SMOOCHY cat! The only time she ever hissed & growled was at ME when she arrived! But now she is all smoochy with me too. It is actually sickening to watch her with my humans - she is always nuzzling & cuddling up to them and purring like a steam train...I mean, really! Get a room! Ugh!

    Honey the Great Dane