Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Uh whatcha doin' Blair? I is suspecting you not suppose to be eatin' out of dat bowl...hehehehehehe...I won't tells.


  2. Looks like that is yummy....what is it?

  3. is dat milk? My kitteh sister Ellie, who could be your twin forgots how to drink milk. I kids you not. She has peridontal disease and when whe lost a tooth she forgots how to eat for a couple weeks. Momma and Dad had to feeds her with a syringe. So they gave her soft food. But since she had her dentistry she refuses to eat anything but hard food? Isn't that wierd. Won't touch milk anymore at all, or soft food. Her brain is damanged I think.... don't tells her I said that though.

    woof - Tucker