Monday, March 14, 2011

Tips for Being Naughty

I have begun to mentor some young kitties in blogland


I have been encouraging young Darcy and little Muesli to become naughty kitties just like ME

TIP 1: Sharpen your claws all the time on whatever is available

TIP 2: Bring toys to play with in your humans bed in the middle of the night

TIP 3: Throw yourself against doors to open them

TIP 4: Pretend you want outside by meowing lots and then walk away after your human opens the door

TIP 5: Wait outside every closed door that your humans are behind to trip them as they come out
Hmmm this teaching and mentoring thing is quite fun, perhaps I will begin naughty lessons every week for all the young kitties in blogland of course dogs may be able to learn a thing or two as well.


  1. You are very, very bad indeed.


  2. After having just spent a week with Miss Darcy, I can attest to the fact that you are an excellent teacher!! Ann

  3. I have another one for ya, just as your Mama is getting ready to fall asleep, go over to her printer and start messing with the paper tray...better yet...turn the printer........ON.......
    Obviously this only works if your Mom keeps the printer in the bedroom. Most "normal" Moms do not.
    Love, Cody

  4. Thank you for being my mentor. I still jump on tables even if my mom sprays me with the water bottle. The water still feels nice.


  5. Oh my God, Blair - Muesli can come up with enough naughty things all by herslef without you mentoring her as well!! :-)

    In fact, judging by her behaviour so far, she seems to have been to some of your lessons already!!

    Honey the Great Dane