Monday, June 27, 2011

My very first meme!

I was tagged by pretty miss Penelope to complete the meme. Thank you, it is my very first!

1. Where do you like to hang out? I love sleeping in my chair at Grandma's house!

2. Who is your kitty crush? I think that Cody from Cat Chat is awfully handsome

3. What is your favourite scent? I just love the smell of milk and treats

4. What is your favourite tv show? Gossip Girl since it is my namesake show

5. What is your favourite movie? Mean girls, you can get lots of kitty tips from that movie

6. What is the best piece of feline wisdom? When I play with my cat who knows whether she is not amusing herself more with me more than I with her. ~Michel de Montaigne ~

And now to pick three other friends to pass this on to:

- Caren and Cody at Cat Chat
- Princess Jasmine
- Stuffed Kitteh of the Mango estate


  1. Don't you look like a little princess on your throne at Grandma's house?


  2. Yous a beautiful cat Blair! And me sure liked hearing more about yous!

  3. Blair, it's always good to get to know you better and all your kitty wisdom. I will be most interested in what the Stuffed Kitteh will have to say. Ann TBL

  4. Ohhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Blair I am sooooooooooooo flattered!!! You think I am handsome? None of the girl cats have told me I am handsome! I am so flattered!!!!! Thank you!!! I think I might just be falling in love right now......

    I feel bad cause I did this Meme a few weeks ago...but.....I am answering an award I got, one I have never gotten before and that will be posted this Sunday....(as soon as I write it lol) and I am gonna mention you in it!
    Thank you soooo much! I think you are one BEAUTIFUL LADY CAT!!!