Friday, June 3, 2011

Advertising for a Master

After reading about everybody's owners I have decided that I need to find myself a master. It shouldn't be too hard I don't think. I only have a few specifications;

1. Must love cats

2. Must love me

3. Must love feeding me

4. Must love petting me

5. Must love getting up to play with me in the middle of the night

6. Must love playing toys in bed

7. Must love cleaning up after me

8. Should like Mom

Oh what's that you say, perhaps Mom should like the new Master too? Hmm maybe I should add some specifications for her too;

9. Like animals

10. Like Mom

11. Look like this

or like this,

If you have any suggestions or would like to apply, please send me a resume.


  1. Those are entirely reasonable criteria. I have no doubt you will find a suitable master.


  2. Ah, Bradley Cooper! Another nice way to start off a Friday morning!

  3. LOL, I am sure you'll have no problems finding a new master with that list!! :)

    Have a great day!
    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  4. Mom says if it weren't for Dad she would be suggesting you find two of those hunks, one for her:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Sorry Blair, we can't help. We only have our #1 and are very happy with her!

    The Chans

  6. Good have some good ones lined up, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. MOL Blair
    What a CUTE and CREATIVE post!! Give your assistant a high five. We bet there will be a line of handsome hunks outside her door in 2 shakes of a cat's tail.

    Mom bought my cube at Pet SuperStore in Raleigh NC. You might be able to find it on line. It is made by Sport Pet Designs,
    P. O. Box 42 Okauchee, WI 53069-0042
    It is called a Pop Open Kitty Play Cube. It comes in a box about the size of a cd. Thank goodness I wasn't in the room when she opened it. It was held together with two elastic cords. When Mom removed them it was like a jack in the box it jumped out of her hands. In a nano second it opened up to its current size. Had I seen that there is no way I'd ever get near it. Best thing about it was Mom paid about $4.00 USD for it.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Mommy said perhaps she needs to trade in HER current Master if that's what the new models look like.

    Just Kidding...we love Mr. Crazypants!

  9. I found your blog off of Pet Blogs United and have to admit I am a little overwhelmed at the quality and quantity of the offering.
    I have recently started a blog devoted to pets. It is a little different in that what I do is search daily through 30 to 40 on line publications to find interesting articles related to pets in several areas. I try to post at least 6 to 8 per day with a description of the article and link to it. If you visit the site you will see a several day sampling of it and a statement at he beginning of what I hope to do. If you would care to look and let me know I would be honored.
    Thank You

  10. "Must love Mom" as an after thought at the bottom lol!! Love it!

    Let me know when she finds him!

  11. Blair, you must introduce your mom to Bradley Cooper (those eyes!). He took care of a stray cat for years so he's cat-friendly and available after ditching Renee - hurry! Ann TBL

  12. Hee! Hee! Before my human met Paul, she had a pretty similar list too! Well, hers was:

    Must love dogs
    Must love dogs
    Must love animals
    Must love dogs!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. That is the perfect list to find the perfect Master. I hope you find him nice and quick :)xx