Friday, February 11, 2011

Congrats to the Winners

Congratulations to Milk, Bibi-Chan, Sweet Praline and Menace.

Of course Milk is the winner of my prize personalized collar. I can't wait to hear which charms and colour of collar he will pick.

Milk shares a blog with his siblings here

He will be picking his personalized collar from

Our local petstore carries their awesome collection.

Milk will be choosing from the Yummy Collars collection.

And he also gets to choose three charms, so exciting.

I can't wait to see the finished product!

I hope Mom buys me a new collar too, since I may have misplaced my christmas one outside. Mom says that when spring comes I will find them all outside in the yard! We are still working hard on my party invitations and will be posting it soon. I can't wait to have everyone over!


  1. Milk is going to be one super stylish kitteh.


  2. Oh! So excited about my collar! And of course would love to come to the pawty!!


  3. I hope milk picks one of the skull charms - or a crown as he is king of his category. Either way he will look fantastic! Ann

  4. Congratulations to Milk. It is so nice to meet new kitties and the contest brought me to your site. Please feel free to come over and visit anytime.

  5. OH MY CATS that is some picture of Milk hanging around!!! MOL