Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pets

Blair: Well folks my mother is officially crazy!

She bought home this after her weekend at home:

Which looks somewhat like this:

We used to have one those until I kept trying to let it out to play, a good game of cat and hamster.

Mom says that the thing is a dog (really?), and that she is a family pet just like me, but she has to live with me for the week cause Mom's other house is having renovations which stresses her out. DOESN'T SHE CARE THAT I GET STRESSED OUT TOO??

Anyways the cat she bought home last week is turning out to be a pretty cool guy, he likes toys and napping and food. I think he can stay, and be my new friend...better then all those dogs Mom brings home.

Xoxo Blair

Blair's Mom: Blair is right that I did bring another pet hom but this one belongs to my Mother and gets upset when people are in her house making noise. So while renovations are being done at home this week. Sophie the yorkie will be living with us.

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