Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

Blair: Well my mother did it again, bringing another animal into MY home. First it was dogs, and now another cat! Now this cat brought ALL his things into my house and then played with my Mom. I am not very impressed right now at all. I keep telling this guy that he can't go in my Mom's room, he can't go in the living room, he can't go in the roommate's rooms, etc......but he keeps doing it. It's driving me crazy!

Then he planned some huge drama for this morning......

First he pushed the screen part way out of the window, then he found a really good hiding spot, and waited for Mom and me to wakeup. Mom made some yummy wet food for breakfast and when she opened the door the wake him up, she couldn't find him. Then she saw the partly pushed out screen and thought he had escaped outside! (I do have to admit this is a pretty good plan, but poor Mom) Mom ran outside and began calling and calling for him, and he didn't come out of hiding. She came back inside and checked the room again, then back outside, even my roommate came to help. Mom and the roommate decided to check the room one more time before calling his real Mom to tell her the bad news, when I spotted him. he had came out of his really really good hiding spot to sneak into Mom's room.

My Mom was so happy, but said he was one bad bad kitty cat. I agree with her, he is even badder then me. I don't think she should keep bringing home animals that need homes, it is way too much drama!

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