Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feels Like 40!

Blair: Wow you wouldn't believe how hot it is where I live, yesterday all I could do was laze around and sleep. It's do hot to be bad, or play with toys or snuggle with Mom. I did try to help her take the wallpaper off the walls but it was too hot so I laid down and just watched Mom do it. Although this morning I was able to meow lots to try to wake her up, but I think she is getting too used to my morning wake up calls, maybe tomorrow I will try morning wakeup crashes! Also Mom says we have a new friend coming tonight, apparently we met last week, if its that same kitty I'm not too sure how I feel about this, he was a big chicken!

Blair's Mom: Hey everyone Blair is right it is super hot here, I am enjoying the fact that it is too hot for Blair to be up to all her bad ways. King my new foster kitty comes tonight, I'm sure he and Blair will be best friends in no time at all.

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