Monday, January 16, 2012

We want to know....

Hi friends,

I hope that your monday isn't full of blahs or snow or cold or anything of that sort that causes hibernation. I am still trying to get out of hibernation mode, its too cold to do anything here.

Mom and I were talking and thinking where we would like to live and why
(my votes all had no snow!)

S0 we would like to hear from you, what area do you live in or would like to live in and why?

Perhaps Mom and I will end up there next year!


  1. Hi Blair, we hope you stay nice and warm. We live in northeastern Kansas where we have the four seasons. We love it here, but we do wish we could get a bit more snow in the winter and a little less heat and humidity in the summer. Maybe we need to think about moving too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. We live in southeastern Ontario, Canada, which has freezing winter, mud, stifling heat, more mud and then back to winter. Those are our seasons. :-)

    The mom wouldn't want to live anywhere but Canada, but wishes she could have southern France climate here. LOL. The only mild winter spot is the west coast of Canada, but the cost of living is super-high. So we're staying put where we are!

  3. Well, duh, you already know what our climate is like. LOL.

    The mom does say she's move to Vermont in a heartbeat, if Vermont were part of Canada, because she loves the mountains there.

  4. We live in the UK where we have wet winters, rainy springs and the odd day or two of sunshine in summer followed by a bit more wetness in Autumn :) Mummy would like to live on a tropical island and spend her days strolling barefoot along the beach and swimming in the sea :)xx

  5. Well, we don't have any snow at all and very rarely do we have more than a few cold days in the you'd probably like it here in Florida unless you don't want to possibly get blown away by a hurricane.

  6. We is in SC and we has hot humidity, and then cold. I don't likes heat and I don't likes cold.
    Mum says her would loves to move to Vermont but then again her says it would be too cold. Her so wishy washy.


  7. Yes, just back to say we had AWFUL weather last Thursday and Friday. We'd had freezing rain all Wednesday night and into early Thursday AM, then rain, then snow, then freezing rain...A real mess. Friday was pouring rain when the mom left just after 6AM to go to work, then it turned to snow with high winds.

    We all say that's enough winter now. LOL.

    You couldn't even pry our mom out of the house yesterday; the windchill was -29C in the AM.

    "Love" winter in Canada. Not. :-D

  8. We live in rural France, in an area called "Le Perche" which is sandwiched between Normandy and the Loire Valley, and is famous for its horses, the Percherons. We have a pretty temperate climate, with some snow most years but none yet this year. We wouldn't live anywhere else. We love our corner of the world (although #1 also has a little corner of PEI that she goes off to in the summers, without us...)

  9. We live in southern California, which has perfect weather with lots of sun puddles for us kitties! I would not want to live anywhere else, but my human wishes really badly she could move to New York City - she says it is the only other place in the world where she would feel at home other than here. Sadly for her, she has been voted down by every other living being in the house (meaning her boyfriend, us cats and even the dog). So she is stuck here!

  10. We live on Long Island. I like it because I have all four seasons,i love watching and feeling the seasons change. And there is lots to do around here too!

  11. We live outside of Las Vegas in the desert and we LOVE it. It's sunny almost every single day and even though it gets cold in the winter (and windy) you can still get outside and enjoy life. The HOTS in the summer only last about eight weeks, it sure beats six months of winter. And no humidity or mosquitoes! Or rusty cars, either.