Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mango Minster, Here I Come

Mango Minster 2012 has officially started and the categories are; too darn cute, bad sport, cracker critters, adventure animals, too darn cute and working stiffs. The rules are;

1. You must have a blog that is about you.

2. ONE entry per household per category. Let's save room for everybody, OK, since I can only take 100 entries total.

3. It's OK to enter as a group.

4. Photoshop and videos are allowed.

5. Choose your category (see descriptions below).

6. WRITE A POST about why you are the best choice in that category (and post it - sheesh).

7. PEEMAIL ME at backupdog AT comcast DOT net to let me know you have posted. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, OK? Be sure to mention what category you are entering and whether you are a boy or a girl (some of you have the watcha call androgynous names and without an undercarriage check, well...).

8. Entries will be counted by date / time stamp in my peemail.

9. After you enter, be sure to pick up the official contestant picture from the sidebar to display on your blog.

Well I checked out all the categories and all of the competition and decided to enter in the







wait, wait, it appears someone messed up the categories

Mango what on earth is your Momma doing making a Bad Sport category?

I thought it was the Bad Blair category.......

Somebody had better fix this up and fast!

What do you mean that your Momma can't just change the categories now?

Who cares if there are other contestants entered!

Well fine consider this my entry to the....ugh.....bad sport category.

I guess I am a bad sport because I growl at Mom when she cuts my toe nails, pets me or hugs me

I suppose you could say I am a bad sport because I like to hiss at my family when they try to play with my toys

You might say I am a bad sport when I scratch my Mom during bath time

You would probably say "she's a bad sport" when I bite really hard and then walk away during playtime

I would let you call me a bad sport during family meals since I do not associate with them at all

I might be okay with you calling me a bad sport when I walk away from the flashy beast

You could probably call me a bad sport when I push Mom's face away when she tries to kiss me

You may call me a bad sport when I requested a name change for this category even with my prettiest face on

I guess since that name change isn't happening that I am going to be a bad sport about the bad sport category. Plus for all you dogs in the contest Mango named them CATegories not DOGegories so don't expect to beat all of us cats. Actually you better just enter in the poor sports category for when you lose.

So instead place your votes for a CAT like perhaps ME to win the Mango Minster Tiara!

What no tiara now? How about a crown? Jewels?


Mango this bad sport category is making me look like a bad sport instead of a bad cat!

I Blair truthfully declare that this blog belong to me and only me, my undercarriage contains only female parts and my photoss are not photoshopped in any manner.

Perhaps a scepter would be acceptable?

Just discuss it with the Momma

Me hit people with it.......I would never do that......lightly tap perhaps



  1. Oh Blair, we know deep down you aren't that bad! We love you!

  2. Blair, you sound a lot like my tortie roommate, Binga! Of course, she cannot enter since it is MY blog. Hm, does that make ME a bad sport?

  3. Wow, you ARE bad! Good luck in the MM!

  4. Wow Blair, you are pawsomely bad like me! Have you checked out The Ladies of Autumn?


  5. Um yeah you is a bad kitteh.

    woof - Tucker

  6. Wow, Blair, you have sure been sharpening your 'bad sport' skills since last year's Mango Minster. Most persuasive entry. Best of luck in the contest.

    Jed & Abby

  7. Blair, I hope you win. You seem puuuurrrrrfect for that title! Ann TBL

  8. Hi Blair, I was just reading your entry for the Mango Minster and yowza you are kind of a bad cat. I can relate since I bite my Mommy at bathtime. I bite and growl anytime I get picked up without my permission. You and I have much in common. Maybe we can swap stories. I have sent my Mom to the doctor with bites, have you?

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  9. You are pretty much one of the baddest sports we've seen lately! The Bad Blair CATergory?! Sheesh. You are one rotten sport kiddo!!
    Good luck in MM2012.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  10. We are sure that deep down there is a good kitty just trying to get out. Good luck.

    the brown dawgs