Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've been busy

Yes, yes I have been very busy lately

Ok maybe Mom has been very busy lately writing out seasons greetings cards for our card exchange. She thinks itis so neat to see where all the bloggers are from. Personally with all the cold wet weather we have been getting, I'm thinking of sending myself along with cards destined for the south.

Mom keeps telling me that maybe I should take over writing for a change but seeing as I have to share MY cards with all those other pests...opps I meant pets she has, then I don't think so.

Mom says our cards should hopefully be finished by this weekend and then mailed out to all of our friends and new friends. We recieved our very first card from Minnie and Mack it even included their picture and their blog info so that we could be friends. My goodness their Mom must be on the ball with their cards for sure. I will be making note of this for Mom's ratings. (failure to make cards faster)

Anyways we hope hope that you all had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed nickleback at the football game, they are canadian you know. We will be slowly commenting and blogging until Mom finishes cards and school. Thanks for understanding Mom's inability to do everything at once, sheesh she thinks she needs sleep or something.


  1. Blair, you look positively ravishing in these photos. Tell your mom to send you down here for a bit - I love Nickelback and didn't know they were Canadian - No wonder they are so great! Hope your mom's studies go well and tell her she DOES need sleep. Ann TBL

  2. You could come here. Some times it's warm. Never mind, we might chase you
    Benny & Lily

  3. I was at the game that Nickleback played at. I live in Detroit. The people of Detroit were hugely upset that they were playing, wasn't Nickleback's fault.

    Detroiters felt there should have been a Motown band or Kid Rock (who is from Detroit)...I think Nickleback did one song, wasn't worth the aggravation that all the fans caused.

  4. Oh! Wes has not started ours yet! me insisted that they have pictures of me on them and wes had to order them and they has not come yet...And do mes has to write them too!?
    Yous might get your next year!

  5. We love seeing all of the places other bloggers are too. We put our Canadian ca in the mail today, so we hope you get it soon!