Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Book Review

Mom and I were very suprised when we were contacted by Random House Publishers to do a book review on their brand new book Awkward Family Pet Photos by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack. We have never done a book review before so this was pretty exciting. Many of you know that Mom and I like to do some pretty funny and strange pictures.

Of course when it came time for me to pose with the book, I wasn't going to do it no way no how. I mean its embarrassing enough when Mom posts horrible pictures of me. Check out what she does with the dogs:

So I planned my escape when Mom came over to visit with the book, luckily she left it with me so that I could look it over after she left. I just couldn't believe how many other pets were unfotunate to have such horrible run ins with that flashy beast. I though we bloggers were the only ones who had crazy peoples turns out there are lots of them out there. I'm just so happy that Mom doesn't do twin pictures with me although I'm sure that this book gave her lots of crazy ideas!

This book hit book stores on November 1st and we have our copy out for friends to read!

Overall we give it 4 paws out of 5 for being a great coffee table book to flip through.

The authors of this book also run a website called that you can also go visit


  1. Everyone is talking about this book! I have heard the photographs are hysterical and I like your behind the neck pose with the kittie!

  2. Everybody is talking about that book! Hey, Finn already said that, but it is so true. Personally, I think you look adorable all wrapped around your mom like that.


  3. This book seems to be the latest craze to hit the market. Bet it sells really good for Christmas!


  4. we LOVE how you handled this review! It is PURRFECT!

    We are going to be reviewing it soon too....they sure made the blogger rounds didn't they? lol

  5. Blair! I am going to get this book since you recommend it. I always love the pictures your mom posts of you - especially the one in this post. You actually look snuggly! Ann TBL