Friday, May 6, 2011

Naughty Kitty Lessons- Day 7

Welcome Back Class

Wow I have been running this class for so long now that you would think that I was truly dedicated to edumacating my friends about being bad.

However I would like to introduce you to a kitty that you may know or have heard of.

While my Mom calls me Bad Blair Cat her Mom calls her the Cat from Hell!

She will be your guest lecturer today

Hi, Me is Penelope, the Cat From Hell. Me is the naughtiest kitty going and Me is so pleased to have been asked by Bad Blair and her Mom Erika if me would do a guest post in their “How to be a naughty kitty” series. Me can’t tell yous how honored Me is!

Me has had the opportunity over the last few months to teach Kozmo how to be a CFH and Me is ready to share the ultimate Seven Naughty Cat bathroom tips!

1. First, if your human goes into the bathroom and closes the door, stick your paw under the door and scratch at the door. Then lie on the floor in front of the door. Most humans will trip over yous. Make sure yous squawks and looks hurt. It will get you extra treats!

2. If the toilet set is left up, make sure yous splashes the water all over. Puddles on the floor are good, particularly if it’s the middle of the night and the human steps in them!

3. Is your litter box in the bathroom? Strenuous digging litter into the spilled water is always a good trick! You must then walk in the gooey mixture and track it all over the nearest rug, or onto the bed. The thicker the comforter the better as that means your human will have to take it to the laundry mat to get it clean.

4. Another great trick is climbing the shower curtain. DO NOT try this if yous has a plastic curtain as it does not work! Me knows, me tried. Some shower curtains are on a spring rod and climbing them will pull the whole kit and caboodle down. This is particularly effective if your human is in the tub at the time.

5. Bathroom doors are also a great place to hide behind. As your human starts to close the door, attack their ankles with the fury of an enraged tiger!

6. I also particularly like to beat the bathroom floor mats into a giant lump. And get them as close to the door as possible, so when the humans try to opens the door, the mats get stuck under the door and then they has trouble getting into the bathroom.

7. Another of my favorites is to knock everything that is on the bathroom counter onto the floor while my humans are out!

There is nothing like the screams of humans when yous have disrupted their bathroom! Me hopes yous can use some of these tips in learning how to be a naughty cat.

Dr. Penelope
(pHd of Naughtiness)


  1. I think that Penelope has the bad kitty stuff down pat. We can all learn some tricks from her. Nice move in front of the wet room door. I've tried that one myself.


  2. I has seen dat kitteh around and I has to say, her looks kinda evils and I LOOOOOVES it!
    I is no kitteh (I don't thinks) so some of these may not work fur me but I am very intrigued by climbing da shower curtain.
    One of my favorite bathroom tricks is to jump in mum's lap as her is sittin' on da potty...bwhahahahahaha!


  3. I wonders if I can try some of dat. Some points may require slight modification.

  4. Dear Erica and Blair,
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my CFH ways! It was so nice.

  5. Blair, you picked the perfect cat, Penelope, to give the CFH lecture. All the kittehs seem to possess at least one of these skills. I have shielded Bumby's eyes from these "tips" because she has never attempted the puddle/litter combo to date. But Miss Darcy will be here this weekend, so anything is possible! Ann TBL

  6. We think that Penelope is wonderfully Naughty!

  7. You are our new hero
    Emmy & Lily

  8. Penelope is an amazing teacher!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Yay!! We love Nellie and can't think of a better teacher!!

  10. Mew! Sorry I'm so late for class, Miss Blair!! And Miss Penelope! My big sister, Honey the Great Dane, has been making it difficult for me to get to class coz she;s starting to worry about the kind of education I'm getting - hee! hee!

    Gosh - this is very advanced stuff! I think I've still got a LONG way to go ...I didn't even realise there was water in the toilet! The thing is, I kinda avoid hanging around in the bathroom too long coz my humans are obsessed with giving me baths and I don't want to give then anymore encouragement in that direction!! :-)