Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not Again

Now listen to this first Grandma went away for a week, then Mom, and now Grandma is leaving me home alone AGAIN. The worst part is they never bring me anything back from their trips. Grandma is going away for a whole week on a bus trip to the great US of A. I told her that I wanted to go too and be the first kitty to travel all over the country by bus. I gave her my please Grandma eyes,

Buuuuuut then she reminded me of all the trips I had taken in cars and well lets just say I'll be much happier at home. My Mom is going to come visit me and let me outside during the day, we will also be doing some modelling shots with the lovely cell phone camera. It must be the time of year for cameras to break because Mom's kicked the bucket.
Frankie and Minna k I will be working on my poses to go along with my awesome adoption and present posts. I can't wait to tell everyone the story of MY gotcha day you will never ever believe it! And my Mom's gift is going to be purrfect for her!

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