Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Adoption and Present's Post

Happy Thanksgiving to all my american friends,

My Adoption Story: One day my mommy was talking with her roommates about getting another pet. She wanted a kitty since her special Gem kitty had died the year before.

Of course the roommates agreed like they always did to her CRAZY ideas.

So she started looking at the humane society and on, for a pretty kitty who would catch her eye. My meow mommy's owners had posted me on with my brothers and sisters for free. My mommy emailed my meow mommy about me asking all kinds of questions. Finally she decided that I was the one for her.

My mommy didn't have a car at school so she took the bus ALL THE WAY TO QUEBEC to come see me and called her friend to pick her up with me. I knew she was perfect as soon as she snuggled me, she told me that my new name was going to be Blair. YEP THAT'S RIGHT I'M A FRENCHIE KITTY. Now this "friend" called to say they couldn't come pick us up and now my mommy was stuck with me. She coudn't take me on the bus so my meow mommy's owners drove us to my new home.

Here I am in my new home,

I used to speak french with one of my roommates since Mom doesn't speak it. I sometimes yell at her in french but she gets mad when I say hbo words because she understands those ones.

This was Delilah she moved out not long after I moved in. Mommy gave her to a little girl since we didn't get along very well.

And now for my present part of the post: I know my mommy doesn't have a good flashy beast anymore so I think I will get her a new one for christmas. Then my modelling shots might get 1 good picture in 5 instead of 1 in 30!

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  1. A new flashy beast? Score. Then your mommy can take photos that do you justice. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.