Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sinful Sunday

Professional Kitty- do not attempt to do such things at home!

1. Meow loudly while Grandma is on the phone

2. Meow loudly while Grandma is sleeping

3. Meow loudly while Grandma is watching Young and the Restless

4. Cross street to meet with friends

5. Sniff microwave that contains Grandma's food

6. Walk on counter

7. Destory napkins located on microwave on counter

8. Harass Grandma for snuggles

9. Scratch carpet on the stairs

Now I'm a professional at being bad, Mom says it comes from being named after Blair from Gossip Girl but honestly who wants to be good, its way boring. But anyways I try to do at least 3 things on this list everyday although most of you couldn't do it.

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