Thursday, September 30, 2010


Meozers I haven't been on here in ages actually Mom hasn't let me at the computer since she DESERTED me at Grandma's house. Plus Grandma only has dial-up internet, talk about the old days my blog pages don't even load let alone be able to visit with all of Mom's blogging friends.

Anyways now that I have control of the computer ahahaha let me tell you about all my adventures......

I KILLED MY FIRST WILD fought hard and even made me squeal but in the end I even had blood on my collar to show off to Mom. My wild beast looked something like this:

Just so you know it was WAYYYYY bigger than Puddle's wally-mart chipmunk and unlike her I killed him with my bear paws (haha get it bear paws, bare paws....I'm so funny).

1 comment:

  1. go girl!
    I has to say I am so super impressed! Howevers, you failed to mention my encounter withs da ground hog...You prolly missed dat post but it was a good one.
    Anyways, on to you...did you gets to eat it? I bet your mom freaked! Oh dis is just gonna make my weekend brighter.